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ISO-Halo16 is a Citizen-led Campaign to ReBuild Public TRUST in Politics for General Election 2016.

Each individual voter can demand that each candidate who seeks their vote sign a Personal undertaking to uphold the 7 Nolan Principles for Public Service of Integrity, Selflessness, Objectivity, Honesty, Accountability, Leadership and Openness. (Online Video tutorial provided).

Forms available at:- Form  Download


Why? Only 1 in 5 voters Trust Politicians. Up to 20% of our incomes are wasted by the costs of Mistrust eg Tribunals, Litigation, Insurance, criminality, faulty workmanship etc. Most aspects of Ireland’s finances are determined by outside Global forces, Economically Ireland is like a kite dancing in a hurricane. The single aspect of our economy which we ourselves can affect, rapidly and sustainably, is our own ability to build a High Trust Society. With high mutual trust comes social cohesion, confidence and belief in leadership, a pulling together of a responsive workforce, creating an International reputation of a trustworthy welcoming Ireland where government, people and business say what they mean and do what they say.

A High Trust Society will produce an economic Trust dividend, just like the Peace dividend in Northern Ireland. ISOHalo16 is a first, easy to implement step to ReBuild Public TRUST in Politics.

So What?

For those 80% of voters who feel frustrated, powerless and apathetic with broken promises, #ISOHalo16 empowers each individual to “Be the change you want to see in the World !” (Gandhi) Candidates signing your form makes the commitment to ISOHalo principles personal and immediate. Is Féidir Linn !

In correspondence with each elected TD and Senator in the 31st Dáil, serving politicians have each been invited in advance to sign up and publish their commitment to ethical. To date, one man, Emmet Stagg (Labour) and one woman, Claire Daly (Independent) have shown leadership and signed up. Does that Matter?

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Media interviews etc contact:-

Liam Ó Gógáin   Email:-   Twitter: @ogogainliam Mob:– 0872543997

Alan Beirne  Twitter:– @Alangb        Mob:– 0831422412

Explanatory Videos:-


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