ISO-Halo Campaign 2016 to Rebuild Public Trust in Politics

Download  the  ISO-Halo form U2Me 

Video Tutorial on How to Fill in IsoHalo 2016 Form


What is ISO-Halo About?  Read the Back Story  HERE!

Each TD and Senator of the present Dáil was sent the ISO-Halo form to sign with supporting material on the 19th of December last. 

Do you care? If you do then hold candidates accountable. Write, email to TD’s and Senators. Challenge them on the doorsteps to sign your form. Otherwise you will get what you settle for!.

See the letters below to TDs and Senators as reference Data.

ISO-Halo form sent to All TDs 19th Dec 2015

ISO-Halo form sent to All Senators 19th Dec 2015